I hold the Bertram Loeb Research Chair at the University of Ottawa, and am a Professor in the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa.

I teach courses in Mental Health Law & Neuroethics, Medical Legal Issues, and Tort Law.

I am interested in the legal and ethical implications of emerging bioscientific knowledge, with a particular focus in two areas:

  • The Brain, the Mind, and the Law
  • Organ Donation, Transplantation, Regenerative Medicine and End of Life Issues

Selected Research Projects and Groups

  • Biocriminal Justice:  What forms of biological behaviour modification methods may a criminal offender be legally coerced to accept? (PI, SSHRC, 2014-2017)
  • Canadian National Transplant Research Program (co-lead, Core 1 on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues, CIHR 2013-2018).  Click HERE for project website.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

I am an enthusiastic supporter of talented and intellectually curious students who would like to work with me on the fascinating issues related to the legal and ethical implications of emerging biosciences.  

Please contact me at the email address below, or see the Contact page.

Current graduate students

  • Nir Harrel, SJD. candidate
  • Robin Whitehead, SJD candidate
  • Stephen Richards, LLM candidate