I’m a Professor of Law at the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. I am cross-appointed to the Faculty of Medicine and hold the Bertram Loeb Research Chair.

My research focuses on the law, ethics and policy of advancing biomedical technologies. Together with a multidisciplinary group of collaborators, I approach questions at the intersection of neuroscience, neurotechnology, law and ethics, as well as  issues posed by organ donation, transplantation and replacement.

International Legal Approaches to Neurosurgery for Psychiatric Disorders​

– New Paper

Chandler JA, Cabrera L, Doshi P, Fecteau S, Herrera-Ferrá K, Fins JJ, Guinjoan S, Hamani C, Hevía M, Honey M, Illes J, Kopell B, Lipsman N, Oliveira-Maya A, MacDonald P, Mayberg H, Nadler R, Nuttin B, Rangel C, Ribeiro R, Wu, H. et al. International legal approaches to neurosurgery for psychiatric disorders. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Download the paper free here.